Pure and Fresh from the Source

The purity and quality of our AlaskOmega™ Omega-3 oils start with the source — MSC certified sustainable, fresh, raw fish oil from the Alaskan Bering Sea. The moment it starts its journey from the cold, clear waters of the Alaskan Bering Sea, our fish oil is fresh and clean. AlaskOmega™ Omega-3s are extracted from fresh fish within hours of being caught by at-sea catcher-processors and local shoreside processors. Since these sustainable fish are a significant source of human nutrition worldwide, high attention to freshness and sanitation is built into the entire oil production process from the very beginning.

Once it reaches our GMP refinery in the heart of the Midwestern US, we carefully process the fish oil to selectively concentrate EPA and DHA using a series of advanced molecular distillation and concentration techniques. Our oils are then steam deodorized and protected with a proprietary antioxidant system — resulting in some of the finest, freshest, pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 concentrates. Heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins are captured and removed from the fish oils, ensuring that only the cleanest, purest Omega-3 concentrates are delivered to you at the best market prices, worldwide.

Honest and Ethical Analysis

We take our responsibility to ethically and honestly report the Omega-3 content of our products quite seriously. Our team of in-house analytical laboratory evaluates the Omega-3 content of each batch of raw fish oil. We closely monitor the separation of Omega-3s from other fats present in the fish oil at every step of the way. All of our Omega-3 products have their purity reported through comparison to a calibrated internal standard (I.S.). Reputable 3rd party labs provide confirmation of our testing results. Our oils have also been evaluated to conform to the GOED and CRN Voluntary Monograph and have demonstrated conformance to 5-star IFOS standards. Purchase our Omega-3 oils with confidence, knowing that you can rely upon the science behind the measurement.