Caught In Alaska.
Refined In Ohio.

Our Omega-3 concentrates conform to the highest standards for freshness, purity and quality. Raw fish oils are selectively concentrated in EPA and DHA essential fatty acids using a series of advanced molecular distillation and concentration techniques. Our oils are then steam deodorized and protected with a proprietary antioxidant system — resulting in some of the finest, freshest, pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 concentrates. Heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins are captured and removed, ensuring that only the cleanest, purest Omega-3 concentrates are delivered to you at the best market prices, worldwide.

Product Usage

Omega-3s concentrates produced by Organic Technologies are liquids in the ethyl ester or triglyceride form of the fatty acid.

Ethyl Ester Products

Highly concentrated esters of the refined Omega-3 fatty acids. Most often used directly in soft gel nutritional supplements. Not typically recommended for incorporation directly into foods because of the difficulty in maintaining product stability and freshness with the ethyl ester form. Organic Technologies adds a proprietary natural antioxidant system that includes natural mixed tocopherols to ensure stability of the Ethyl Esters in original packaging for up to 24 months.

Ethyl Ester Concentrates Minimum EPA mg/g† Minimum DHA mg/g† Minimum Total Omega-3 mg/g†
AlaskOmega® EE 30 240 mg/g EPA+DHA
AlaskOmega® EE 360240 360 240 650
AlaskOmega® EE 400200
400 200 650
AlaskOmega® EE 460180
460 180 700
AlaskOmega® EE 460240 460 240 750
AlaskOmega® EE 400300
400 300 750
AlaskOmega® EE 570230
570 230 850
AlaskOmega® EE 600200
600 200 850
AlaskOmega® EE 700EPA
 700 EPA 750
AlaskOmega® EE 800EPA  800 EPA 850

†Weight Content of Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters by Internal Standard Analysis

Triglyceride (rTG) Products

Highly concentrated reconstituted triglyceride form (rTG) of the refined Omega-3 fatty acids. Because this form of the Omega-3 concentrate most closely approximates the natural form of the original fish oil triglyceride, it is more easily incorporated into food products. Oxidative stability and bioavailability of the Omega-3 fatty acid in rTG form is typically greater than is found with ethyl ester concentrate, but unit costs are typically higher. Applications include both food ingredients and softgel nutritional supplements. To ensure maximum stability of the Triglyceride (rTG) concentrates for up to 24 months in original packaging, Organic Technologies adds a proprietary natural antioxidant system that includes natural mixed tocopherols.

Triglyceride (rTG) Concentrates EPA mg/g † DHA mg/g † Total Omega-3 mg/g †
AlaskOmega® TG 300200 300 200 600
AlaskOmega® TG 400200
400 200
AlaskOmega® TG 530200 530 200 800

 †Weight Content of Fatty Acid Equivalent by Internal Standard Analysis

AlaskOmega® Fish Oil Products

Unique process results in extremely low taste and odor product, while preserving Astaxanthin, vibrant red color and ensuring both organic and inorganic Arsenic-free fish oils.

AlaskOmega® Wild Alaskan Fish Oil  EPA mg/g † DHA mg/g † Total Omega-3 mg/g †

AlaskOmega® Wild Red Pollock Oil

100 50 190

AlaskOmega® Wild Alaskan Fish Oil  Omega-7 Palmitoleic Acid C16:1

AlaskOmega® Omega-7 Palmitoleic 500

100 50 190